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We believe that face to face training yields the best results, but we know that this isn't always possible, so whatever works for you works for us.  A quick chat is all it takes to organise your training needs and we can be with you and your staff onsite or online to deliver your chosen training program.


It's not only about recruiting the best talent, it's about making sure they stay the best. If the issues surrounding Animals In Tourism are important to your business, it is essential all levels of your staff understand your approach to ensure they deliver a consistent message across all departments. There's always something new to learn, and training helps to keep you ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors.


Our Animals In Tourism Training is structured to suit all levels of staff in your organisation, large tour operator or small ground operator, tourism boards or governmental departments, we can provide a day of informative training to help you understand the issues surrounding the use of animals in tourism and how these apply to you. We also run an annual industry event in December, the first of these was successfully launched in 2015.

Give your teams the opportunities to collaborate, innovate and learn because happy staff are at the root of any successful business, and training is the key to everyone's development.