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"I hope we will continue to work together in the best interest and for the benefit of our animals".

Wolfgang Kiessling, Loro Parque, Tenerife

tour operators

" As a business which has always had a strong commitment to responsible travel, we want to make sure that we all our staff are informed and up to date on animal welfare issues. We want to make sure our worldwide programme of holidays follows best practice with regards to animal attractions and we pass good advice on to our customers.  Our friends at Global Spirit have fantastic expertise and helped bring the subject to life with a well-thought-through morning for staff. We recognise  animal welfare and tourism is a topical issue we want to keep visible within the business and keep learning".

Rachel O'Reilly - Head of Communications, Kuoni UK

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Training Event speakers

"I enjoy attending a professional event where I have the opportunity to learn from others, provide a valued contribution and see potential for future collaborations. I left the Animals in Tourism training event in London elated for having achieved all three of these things.

"Hayley and Jo, founders of Global Spirit, have filled an industry gap by supporting tour operators to incorporate animal welfare minimum standards without casting a blind eye to the livelihoods of people who look after animals, the customer experience or commercial considerations. I support this approach as my experience with the Brooke demonstrates that animal welfare cannot be looked at in isolation if we wish to see improvements within particular contexts"

Kimberly Wells

Senior Animal Welfare Advisor, The Brooke

"Many thanks for the invitation to talk at the Animals in Tourism event in London. It was great for me as an academic to be able to reach so many people in the travel industry, and to talk to them about our work on the welfare issues of primate in tourism. I really feel that disseminating our research this way will lead to some significant positive changes in practice, that will improve the lives of wild and captive primates. Jo and Hayley are doing a superb job and it is a real pleasure to be able to contribute to their ongoing work in this area".

Stuart Semple - University of Roehampton

"This is a really exciting and timely new venture. There is lots of evidence to suggest that the paying public are slowly becoming more aware of animal welfare issues; particularly in farming, entertainment and tourism. Tourists often aren't aware of cruel or unsustainable practices when they are travelling and therefore they place their trust in the excursions that tour operators provide. At last there is an organisation who can help tour operators (and tourists) make the right choices. Global spirit understand the business environment and help tour operators get it right for their customers which in turn will diminish poor practice in destinations. I wish Hayley and Jo every success".

"The animal in tourism event arranged by global spirit was incredibly informative, but also friendly and relaxed. It gave me real inspiration for the future".

"Global Spirit are very passionate about the topic of animal welfare in Tourism and making great headway with working with the industry to help with this. They are very informative and professional in their approach which makes it easy to understand and implement".

"The Animals in Tourism Event was a brilliant introduction into the industry perspective on the topic of animals in tourism. The range of speakers allowed a wide view of the variety of issues which the industry must contend with, and the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved left me with real hope for the future of animals in tourism. An informative and valuable event, well worth attending".


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Training Event Delegates

Before Global Spirit

"Tribes wanted to encourage travellers to choose accommodations which give something to their environment, the local community or the wildlife and to realise that this means that their experience will be that much more special. Hayley Lynagh was asked to write short paragraphs for each of their accommodation providers to highlight the sustainable approaches in a way that would successfully engage the customer and provide the information in an easy to read style.

She took the brief we gave her about getting the essence of what made a lodge responsible and authentic, and came up with engaging short pieces which successfully told the type of story we envisaged for this element of our website.  We’d definitely be happy to use her services again".

Amanda Marks, Managing Director, Tribes, UK

"When we were just starting our little lodge we were most fortunate to meet Jo Hendrickx. She was our first assessor for The Travelife Collection and played an integral role in our attaining Gold status, since then she has continued to help us grow with her support and advice. The Travelife Collection really helped us focus on ways to improve our green credentials and its certification program has proved really helpful in planning our way forward".

David White, Footsteps Eco-Lodge, The Gambia