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We provide a range of further consultation services to assist suppliers in making practical cost effective solutions. Using our network of species experts and our knowledge of the minimum requirements, we will ensure that any changes made will increase compliance with the industry guidelines.

Our supporting service can be personalised to your individual needs. This includes advice on prioritising and implementing our detailed recommendations and assisting with everything from costing through to completion of on site improvements.

​With this service being so specialised, we recommend you connect with us to discuss your requirements.

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Maybe you are working with suppliers to increase compliance with criteria, or you would like the supplier to work directly with Global Spirit. You might have strict timescales you want to work to or a supplier could decide not to engage with the process, regardless of the outcome your journey doesn't stop here.

We offer an ongoing consultancy to help you manage any Animals In Tourism issues, we can help with everthing from internal questions to external campaign responses. Our flexible options allow you to choose how you would like to continue working with us.


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