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​​We are sure that once you have made the commitment to conducting on site audits you will want to use the results of the audits and our recommendations to start working with your suppliers to make positive changes. Building on your relationships with your suppliers and using your position of influence is the most successful way to motivate your supplier to improve the welfare of the animals they use for tourism activities.

To help with this, we have also created a post audit action plan template which you can ask your suppliers to complete allowing you to measure their engagement with the process and create a call to action for them to follow.

We also provide further consultation services to support the supplier in making practical cost effective solutions. Using our network of species experts and our knowledge of the minimum requirements, we can ensure that any changes made will allow the supplier to increase their compliance with current industry guidelines.​

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Our post audit reports are a valuable tool when deciding the best way forward for your business. They provide a thorough site overview which includes a review of statistics from customer feedback forums, links to all web based presence, negative press or media focus that could impact on your reputation and a comprehensive list of improvement recommendations mapped against the audit results, all in one easy to read document.​