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The information provided below is intended as a guide. There are many options we can offer so costs will vary depending upon your requirements. Connect with us here to request a quote, find out more about the options available to you and the services we provide

Service Cost Examples (prices correct from 1 April 2019):

•    Onsite audits, including full results and detailed reports -  from £1,595

•    Post audit service (remote and onsite options available) -  from £1,485

•    Project planning and management -  from £800

•    Hourly consultancy from £100ph

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* Example prices shown exclude any/all travel, accomodation and subsistance expenses. 

A Guide to Costs

There are huge financial and reputational risks attached to offering experiences which don't meet animal welfare requirements. Working with Global Spirit will help you to manage those risks, we are flexible with the service we offer so you only pay for what you need and many of our clients are pleased to find they can achieve their goals within budget.

An initial consultation with our director is provided as an introduction to all of our services to identify the scope of the work.

Connect now and let us know what you need to improve animal welfare standards and create better quality customer experiences, we look forward to working with you.

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