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Global Spirit is pleased to be welcoming two new auditors to our Animals In Tourism specialist team in 2018, this is great news for our us and our clients and we look forward to introducing them to you soon. 

​​"The only way to make positive changes for animals in tourism is to understand what motivates people to change, once you know that you can really start to make a difference".

​​“Collaboration, a consistent approach and engagement with the suppliers is essential to achieve positive change"

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The Auditing team

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With significant tourism and business experience alongside training in animal welfare, an indepth knowledge of industry established criteria and practical animal attraction auditing experience; we are well informed and bring a balanced, impartial and solution orientated approach to the auditing of animals in tourism.

our story

Previously a founding partner of Global Spirit and now one of Global Spirit's auditing team. Jo also co-authored Global Spirit’s comprehensive, peer reviewed audits, is trained in Animal Welfare and has conducted audits at over 70 captive animal facilities.

As an independent contractor for Global Spirit Animals In Tourism Ltd, she continues to take a ‘solutions focused’ approach to making positive changes for Animals in Tourism and the people responsible for their welfare.   

​One of the original founding partners of Global Spirit and now the sole owner of Global Spirit Animals In Tourism Ltd. She co-authored Global Spirit’s comprehensive, peer reviewed audits and created the support tools and services which have been successful in facilitating the implementation of a global set of criteria across captive and wildlife attractions since 2015.

Hayley is a skilled auditor, expert at building positive working relationships and trained in animal welfare. By the end of 2018, she will have conducted nearly 200 captive animal audits. 

You have a company who knows how important it is to work with you and your suppliers, focused on providing detailed information and practical solutions to help you determine the best way forward for your business.

You receive the expert assistance needed to support you in successfully managing your 'Animal Footprint'.

You benefit from a dual approach to all of the work we do with two auditors undertaking each audit. This unique way of working gives you access to a wealth of individual skills which combine to provide a thorough and consistent service.

You can establish a pro-active response to animals in tourism issues, being better placed to balance the complexity of animals in tourism with financial concerns, the importance of great customer experiences, and the impacts of targeted campaign activity.