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Our specialist services, including animal welfare audits and consultancy options are available to all businesses operating within the travel and tourism industry.

We excel at providing independent assessments of welfare standards at all locations which feature animals as an attraction and we are here to help you achieve your goal, whether that is reviewing your excursion program, working towards reaching established industry criteria or exceeding requirements.​​

Working with Global Spirit will help you navigate the complex issues surrounding the use of animals in tourism and successfully manage your 'Animal Footprint'.

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Read more about our Audits ​​​or simply Connect with us. We are always happy to chat about our work and there is no obligation to use our services so why not take the chance to find out more about what could be the best way for your business to manage its 'Animal Footprint'.

Just like a carbon footprint measures greenhouse gas emissions, your animal footprint measures the level of impact on animal welfare caused directly and indirectly by the provision of displays, activities and interactions featuring animals for tourism purposes.


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