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If you would like to be a positive influence in the collaboration towards improving the use of Animals In Tourism, please connect with us. Alongside our usual objectives for collaboration, we are hoping to establish an advisory board. Interested? Please Connect with us.

Through Global Spirit's 'Animal Footprint' services we are working to improve the lives of animals used in tourism excursions and activities and ensure high standards of welfare. Tour operators, ground agents and cruise lines can be influential in encouraging positive change for captive and wild animals involved in tourism activities, supporting the suppliers in the implementation of the industry established criteria we assess against.

Having written the only industry recognised audit which measures against minimum and best practice requirements, we have been conducting on site assessments for the past 2 years. Our experience in auditing all species including captive, wild, working and marine animals and our positive relationships with the key stakeholders involved in this process, has established us as animals in tourism specialists and has placed us in the position of being able to effectively implement the criteria.

Our balanced and neutral approach has been welcomed globally as we have proven success in being able to effectively consider the welfare of the animals whilst providing a valuable service to the travel industry. Always open to developing new opportunities and relationships we offer a refreshing change to the usual assessment process, achieving engagement form all involved and resulting in enhanced conditions for the animals and improved tourism experiences. 

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Animals are an integral part of traveller experiences and wildlife tourism has experienced a rapid and dramatic growth in recent years. It became essential for animal protection to be added to the responsible tourism agenda and a link needed to be provided between the travel industry and animal welfare experts to help implement the industry standards for 'minimum requirements' in animal keeping and public interaction.

Global Spirit established itself as that link, making it a priority to connect with anyone and everyone who is willing to work with the industry to support positive improvements in the practices of keeping and caring for animals used in tourist activities. 

Animal welfare and protection are highly specialised topics and industry collaboration is essential to generate positive change. Regardless of any objectives outside of tourism, many Non Governmental Organisations and Academic Experts also have a valuable part to play in supporting the industry in working towards improved practices. Global Spirit is able to take on the knowledge and information provided by all of these stake holders whilst maintaining a neutral and impartial approach.