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Thomas Cook announces

We now offer suppliers the opportunity to engage with the audit process to encourage the objective of driving forward positive improvements in the care, keeping and use of animals for tourism activities through our post audit service which:
Supports them in working towards full compliance with the industry established minimum requirement criteria.
Offers minimal intrusion and disruption to the supplier where they have a commercial contract with a number of tour and ground operators

Certify's that any changes to the original audit have been evidenced and approved by Global Spirit.​​


​​A Busy Year to come

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Connect with us now to work with Global Spirit in 2018.

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We don't want to scare everyone and mention the 'C' word so we'll just say the end of the year is fast approaching and its looking like 2018 is going to be an even busier year for us.

Our office will be closed from 22 December to 31 January (even animals in tourism specialists need a holiday) and we are asking all new and existing clients to send us a draft of their auditing schedule before the end of 2017. 

It was a big day for Global Spirit on 2nd April 2017, who would of thought we wouldbe in the National Press AND it was a big year for Thomas Cook, they've made a strong choice on how to respond to the results of our audits.

What would be the best decision for your business in 2018? It maybe the same, it maybe different. Maybe you're a supplier who wants an audit to be completed so you can show the Tour Operators that you are serious about meeting the animal welfare criteria. Whatever your reason or the outcome, Global Spirit offers valuable support with its Animal Footprint Services. Change has to start somewhere 

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