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It is well recognised that the public has strong emotional links to animals, and many of them view animal exploitation, neglect or abuse as unacceptable. Conducting a Global Spirit audit will ensure an industry consistent approach and help you to manage the business and reputational risks involved in supplying animal activities.

Our comprehensive captive and wildlife audits have been written to assess against established industry minimum and best practice standards, they have been peer reviewed by species experts and currently a number of large UK and European operators are using, or will be using our audits to assess their suppliers.

We have a unique method of auditing, our approach to the assessment process and our USP of using two auditors to complete the assessment guarantees a thorough and robust service is provided. This removes the complexity of individual subjectivity and ensures that the audits are completed within a reasonable period of time which keeps your costs down and minimising the disruption to the supplier.

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We know how important it is to be able to make positive changes following the audit so we offer an optional reporting service, this includes a detailed review of the supplier and practical improvement recommendations where minimum requirements are not being met.

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