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Animal Welfare


The only specialist animal welfare auditing service for the travel industry, Global Spirit Animals In Tourism is the expert resource regardless of the species, destination, or the encounters offered


Operating globally since 2015, and working with leading tour operators, cruise lines, ground operators and animal excursion providers, using our animal welfare audit service guarantees standards are consistent across the industry.

Our Experience

The leaders in our field, we utilise our years of animal welfare auditing and consultancy experience to provide a clear path towards improved standards, concentrating on effective changes which can be implemented immediately and balancing these with long term goals

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A Trusted Process


Responsible for writing the first animal welfare audits for the travel & tourism industry and pioneering the use of previously untested industry criteria, the Global Spirit audit service quickly gained the reputation of being a widely accepted and trusted process

Raising Animal Welfare Standards


Excelling at building and sustaining positive relationships with animal excursion providers, our independent auditing services successfully facilitate improvements to animal welfare standards.

Targeted Results


Assessing compliance solely against the applicable criteria relevant to each individual facility, our audit results, reports and compliance scores are an accurate representation of the animals on site and the activities or interactions being offered. 

Animal Welfare Focused


With no public health and safety criteria included, our audits don't conflict with any existing assessments and we guarantee the results are a concise measurement of only the animal welfare standards

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