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  • Introduction: A tour operator will usually contact you using our letter of introduction to let you know they would like us to visit. This letter helps you prepare for the audit and understand what information and areas we will need to see to conduct our assessment. 
  • Onsite Audits: Once the introduction has been made, a date will be agreed for us to visit and conduct an audit with you and your team. The audit can take from 4 hours to a full day depending on the size of your facility and the activities that are on offer to customers. Sometimes a second day may be needed but we will discuss that with you if it is a possibility.
  • Recommendations and Assistance: Whilst we are there with you, we will keep you informed and may offer some instant advice where simple changes will immediately increase compliance. Our audit report will build on that initial advice, offering you practical solutions for long term changes.
  • Support: The tour operator may ask us to continue working with you towards achieving your compliance with minimum criteria or you can ask about our Post Audit support services and work directly with us. Perhaps you are interested in working towards 'Good Practice' or would like to contract us to conduct an audit for you.

The audit process has been created and developed by Global Spirit to measure performance against current industry minimum requirements. Our expertise is in bridging the gap between the assessment criteria and their practical implementation in tourism, giving you the confidence that engaging with this process can have a positive impact on your business.

We will have conducted nearly 200 audits by the end of 2018 so you can be assured, you are one of many facilities being visited by Global Spirit.


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We are there to help all tourism businesses achieve the goal of managing the potential impacts on the animals they care for, whilst also ensuring commercial success and customer experiences are considered.

You can be confident, we are completely neutral and impartial and solely referencing current industry guidance to determine the way forward, therefore being completely objective in the advice and assistance we offer.

It is important to Global Spirit that destination based businesses are supported and involved in the development and future success of the tourism industry. Read our Testimonials here to hear what other suppliers say about their audit experience.

We believe our relationship with you is important so we have dedicated this page to providing information to the suppliers we are asked to visit. It is likely you are here because you have been contacted about Global Spirit auditing your animal attraction/activity and would like to understand more about the audit process.

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