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Our work doesn't end once the audit is complete, we have a responsibility to continue working towards raising animal welfare standards, moving forward past the audit results and offering a range of Post Audit Services to help achieve positive change.

If you are committed to meeting 100% of Core Criteria™ or aspiring to Exceed Requirements™ we offer unrivalled support packages including everything from remote reviews to on site project management. 

If you requested we complete an audit of a facility, it may be an integral part of your animal welfare policy to further support your suppliers in achieving minimum requirements. To help you achieve this, we offer a post audit hourly consultancy service which:

​Maintains important commercial relationships

Provides updates to the original audit results with the information the supplier sends

Certify's that all updates have been evidenced and approved by Global Spirit​​

To facilitate positive improvements in the care, keeping and use of animals for tourism activities, we offer a post audit service directly to experience providers to:​

Update your audit results in line with changes made since the asssessment visit. 

Continually revise the recommendations based on new information received until the maximum compliance is achieved

Offer guidance to safeguard against post audit changes not meeting requirements.

Certify that any changes to the original findings have been verified and approved by Global Spirit.​​

Help you build on your relationships with exisiting partners and establish new working relationships based on a renewed confidence in using you as a preferred guest experience provider


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