Having written the first animal welfare audits for the travel and tourism industry and developed what was previously untested industry criteria, our audits are the most recognised and accepted assessment tools. 

With no public health and safety criteria included, the audits don't conflict with any exisiting assessments and we guarantee the results are a concise measurement of animal welfare standards.

Adapted to reflect the type of facility, from a Zoo to a Camel Riding Experience, our audit results are specific to the animals on site and the activities or interactions being offered.

​Adopted globally since 2015 by tour operators, cruise lines, ground operators and animal facilities, using our audit service ensures standards are consistent across the industry.


Animal Welfare Audits

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We provide you with the people needed to achieve a high standard of work and use two auditors to complete each assessment - Evidence has shown this unique method ensures a thorough and impartial service is provided without increasing costs.

We work late and don't charge extra - The quality of our audits aren't compromised by time restrictions and our auditors are committed to obtaining all of the information required before leaving the site at the end of the day. If we need to return we will but we always try and complete an audit in one day.

We give you the time you deserve and include an extra day in all audit schedules - Experience has shown us that the unexpected can happen from extreme weather to shows limited to certain days, we will only use the additional day if needed and with pre approval. We don't charge for this day unless we need to return to the site but we won't risk you having incomplete audit results.

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