• An international media campaign with a variety of multi platform articles, video and social media deliverables tailored to your specific needs and budget

  • Deliverables that are optimised for SEO and maximum audience reach

  • A valuable consultation with a unique insight into what travellers expect and want from wildlife tourism operators, and how you can use that knowledge to shape your own practices and marketing going forward

  • A PR campaign that works with you to reduce the negative PR and impact concerns about a lack of animal welfare can have on your business and focuses instead on the positives of conservation within animal tourism

  • A consultation on how to shape and build your own marketing and social media in the long term to maximise the positive exposure of the campaign and showcase your brand as a responsible tourism operator.​


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A positive story

We understand that the success of your business is essential in maintaining a high standard of care for the animals you work with and have partnered with Bemused Backpacker to bring you professional and measurable media support.

Bemused Backpacker is the UKs leading travel blog with over 100,000 travellers a month looking to the site for advice, information and inspiration on how and where to travel independently and responsibly. Michael Huxley, the man behind the blog, has 7 years experience running international destination and brand marketing campaigns with some of the biggest tourism boards, DMOs and brands in the world, and we want to use that experience to raise your brand profile and increase your profits in the long term.

Available to all our existing or new clients who are working toward or are operating at 100%, you will receive a full multi platform media campaign aimed at showcasing your 100% compliance with international animal welfare guidelines, telling the world how you are making positive impact on the care of your animals and wider conservation efforts, and increasing your visitor numbers by encouraging travellers to make an informed decision on supporting responsible and ethical wildlife tourism operators.

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