Conducting a Global Spirit audit will ensure a globally consistent approach to this complex topic and help you to manage the business and reputational risks associated with offering customer excursions involving animals.

As the industry leading Animals In Tourism specialists, our comprehensive audits have been written to assess against established industry minimum welfare criteria and have been used to assess animal attractions since 2015. Our practical auditing experience has significantly contributed to developing those criteria, making our audit the most comprehensive, reputable and robust assessment service available. 

Our clients currently include large UK and European Operators, American Cruise Line Associations, Ground Operators and Suppliers, all using our audits across their animal excursion programs or to promote their facility to the tour operators.

Uniquely using two auditors to complete the assessment guarantees a thorough and impartial service is provided. This method has proven to remove the complexity of individual subjectivity and ensure that the audits are completed within a reasonable period of time without compromising on quality. 

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Making positive changes post audit is fundamental to success and we provide individualised reports which include an overview of the facility alongside detailed improvement recommendations where minimum requirements have not been met.

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